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  1. Historical Background: The Sunday School Movement
  2. Sunday School Curriculum for All Ages | RBP Curriculum

Historical Background: The Sunday School Movement

We right back Sunday night so we can flip it again Y'all ready? The whole town goin' crazy, a few slept on it Woo Still potent though, I only did a two-step on it Uh huh You ain't gotta be a genius or be deeply educated Uh uh Keep the money and the drugs completely separated That's it We ain't doin' no dumb shit, nigga, we all smart Same sweatsuit on, underclothes from Walmart Nah, I ain't actin' crazy with them dudes Haha Got the diesel with the stamp that say "Lady, sing the blues" Ooh Got the coke comin' in like they seizin' on the news Face If I'm winnin', what I look like gettin' even with you fools?

Huh It's an occupation Yep , if a nigga get jammed Hit his lawyer and his fam, then we move the operation Ow What? We'll have things fixed soon. Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube.

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Produced by Daringer. Album The Plugs I Met.

Sunday School Lyrics [Intro: Benny the Butcher] Mic, mic motherfuckin' check in this bitch Mic check, one, two Ah, let's go, yeah, uh huh Ayo, Daringer , turn me up some Niggas gotta feel this I gotta hear myself Yo, look, ayy, look [Verse 1: Benny the Butcher] Niggas ain't see what I saw, a brick turn into a pot full of gold Over that, spent my daughter first birthday locked in the hole Plot full of holes, came back stronger, I'm in control Soft white from my block to the stove, not in a cone Nah Me and West like Stockton, Malone, Gotti, Capone Niggas dressed like they copyin' hoes, papi, come on Stop it, you know you not with the smoke, I get you loafed Brrr In 'bout a year, how niggas gon' deny me the throne?

Our programs, teachers and environment create a special place for all of our children.


Sunday School Curriculum for All Ages | RBP Curriculum

This year we are Digging into Epic Teachings of the Bible Each week, children hear Bible stories, sing, play games and make crafts relating to the lesson. We welcome children from preschool 3.


Our nursery is available for younger children. The stories come with games and crafts to reinforce the message.


Please contact Leslie Quantz with any questions. Sunday School Registration.

Child Protection Policy. The program creates experiences where kids make discoveries, helping them to take ownership of their faith. Kids understand the Bible is not full of distant, irrelevant principles, but is packed with rich meaning that applies to their lives today.

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