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Reviews Loading reviews Best Sellers Loading Email Address. Notify me if price drops below. Subscribe for Deals Subscribe. English Published. Any suggestions on how I might be able to put that together. Hi Mike, You could add raisins to this batter and depending upon how you feel about the combination of sweet and savory, you could omit the rosemary.

Jenn, Thank you very much. The Rosemary Focaacia recipe worked great, the first time.

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Actually two of the times I made it was for a friend and we traded my bread for his art. This is definitely my go-to focaccia recipe from now on. Hi Jenn, Would you recommend plain flour which I believe in the UK is the equivalent for all purpose flour or bread flour? Can I make this the day before for a dinner party?

If I can, how should I store it overnight and warm it up before serving? Thanks in advance!

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The best way to store it is to wrap it in a dish towel or paper bag and keep it in a dry place. You can bake it in the morning and warm it up just before serving.

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The other option would just be to omit the herbs — it will still be delicious. Easy to make it takes some time to stretch the dough into the pan. Very tasty. I have made this bread and it was a big hit. I want to make it for a small get together we are having but I want to serve it warm and just baked. Can I just start the bread making the day before or 10 hours before and put the dough in the fridge? If so, how much time should I allow for the second rise, just before baking it?

My second option- the one I would prefer, it would be to make the bread but bake it for only 10 min and store it. Then, close to the party time, finish baking it. At some grocery stores they sell bread like this — not completely baked and that need to finish at home. But it is usually baguettes.

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Hi Benita, glad you like the focaccia! You can fully prepare this a few hours ahead and just stick it in the oven to warm for about 10 minutes right before your get together. If I refrigerate the dough overnight, do I let it rise again while still a ball? Or, go right to putting it in the pan and doing the 2nd rise? Also, one time I tried adding carmellized onions right before baking and itdeflated I think from the weight of the onions. Should I add them before the 2nd rise? Will it rise ok from the weight of the onions?

Hi Candy, The refrigeration time would be considered the first rise so you can go ahead and put it right in the pan.

The Easiest Baked Italian Chicken - Sunny with a Chance of Sprinkles

Just keep in mind that the second rise will take longer since the dough will be cold. Made this as a part of our Valentines dinner last night. I did use my bread making machine on the dough setting for the mixing, kneading and rising — worked out great! I followed the initial yeast proofing step, then poured that into the machine, and added the flour, etc on top and let the machine run, then followed the steps from there — worked out beautifully! Did you start with putting it into the rimmed pan? Or did you do a rise after the breadmaker?

Great bread and easy to make! It does make a truly huge portion, though, so I might halve the recipe. Also, I shortened the kneading time to about 4 minutes in the stand mixer and the bread came out so light and airy as a result. Hi Jenn, I was wondering how this is supposed to be stored?

I made it last night, and kept the leftovers in the pan I baked it in, covered with foil. Could it possibly have molded? I looked at it today and it has small white domes all over it. Made this to eat with the Butternut Squash soup. We thought it was a great match and would do it again. I have made this bread a few times and every time I make it, it is gone the next day.

It is really good.

My Good Food

I would highly recommend this bread. There are not enough stars to rate this bread. I made it for the 1st time last Christmas for a couple of different parties and had nothing but rave reviews. It is not a diificult recipe. It just takes a little time. The flavor is amazing and the rosemary adds wonderful flavor, especially since it is one of my favorite herbs.

I will be making it again this holiday season.

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Just so you know, I am a food snob and only want the best on my plate at a meal. This certainly fills my requirements. Too much olive oil. Overall bland taste. I tried twice and it improved slightly by sprinkling more salt over top than recipe called for. However, will not be making again.

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Hi Jenn, Noticed a previous post where you responded to a question that the dough could be started and refrigerated for a time. How long a time? I was hoping to begin the process one evening, refrigerate the dough overnight and finish the next morning. Would that work?

Thx much!

This was incredibly delicious!!! My husband and kids loved it, they just kept snacking on it all day. So thank you for the delicious recipe! Has anyone been able to make this successfully with gluten free flour? This bread was FAB! I made an open face sandwich with skirt steak, caramalized onion, and a slice of provolone. My whole family nibbled on it before the sandwiches were ready. Love all you recipes!